Bee swarm removal

In case a swarm of bees is established on your private property (house, roof, garden …) it’s important to maintain a safe distance and not cause any harm to them, since the honey bee is a protected species for its very large importance for the ecosystem and for human beings.

In the Apinature team we are 100% committed to the conservation of this species. That’s why we have decided to offer this specialized service for the removal of swarms from private properties and also from public places, with the aim of guaranteeing both the safety of people and the survival of bees.

If you have a swarm of bees on your property, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve the problem quickly and easily.

Types of swarms

Established swarms are those in which the bees have already built their hive. In this case, bees can feel threatened by the mere fact of approaching to the swarm, so you can get stung.

Volatile swarms appear suddenly. If we do not bother them, bees on them are peaceful. But, if otherwise, we hit them, bees feel threatened and thousands of them can attack.

How we work

Detection and evaluation
We find the exact location of the swarm. We evaluate the situation and decide the best way to extract it.
Extraction of the swarm of bees
Through the use of specialized techniques in beekeeping we capture the swarm without causing any kind of damage.
Removal of wax and honey
The process of removing waste is essential because, if it is not done correctly and by specialized personnel, there is a risk that, after some time, a new settlement of bees will appear.
Transfer of the swarm to our facilities and take care of it to guarantee its survival