Pollen is the male gamete of plants, which has to reach the female organ of another flower (pistil), to fertilize it and give rise to seeds and fruits. The bees are responsible for the transport from one flower to another, a process called pollination. In turn, bees use pollen as a source of protein and fat to feed the hive.


Pollen is a substance with a high number of beneficial properties for human health. Its properties are highly recognized to strengthen the immune system and improve defenses. Its effectiveness as a restorative for the brain has also been demonstrated, so its consumption is recommended for fatigue, irritability, stress or depression. It is also used for the care and treatment of skin and hair, as well as for the improvement of sight, among many other properties.

Our work

As beekeepers, we collect the surplus of pollen from the honeycombs to take it directly from the hive to your home with the usual quality guarantee offered by Apinature. This way, the customer can enjoy this natural and healthy food any time of the year.