This delicious food is produced by the honey bee from the nectar of flowers and other substances secreted by plants. To finish this complex recipe, bees add several enzymes of their own. They then dehydrate the mixture and store it in the cells of its combs. From that moment on, it’s ready to be taken to our tables so we can enjoy its aroma and sweet flavor.

The consumption of our honey, as it hasn’t been adulterated, is appropriate for people of all ages and circumstances: children, teenagers, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, convalescents …

In Apinature, we extract the honey directly from the honeycombs, packing it without any industrial process. This fact, together with the privileged climatic and geographical conditions of our environment, gives rise to a honey whose flavor will remind you of those intense flavors of your childhood.

Did you know what crystallized honey is?

The honey that Apinature packs is raw, pure, natural and of high quality. When honey is exposed to the low temperatures of winter, it suffers a natural crystallization process. Therefore, the fact that our honey is crystallized in the coldest months of the year or for being kept in the refrigerator it’s the best proof of its quality and purity. If you prefer to consume it in a more liquid way, it’s enough to warm it gently  on a “bain-marie”.

Additional info of our honey

In addition to its pleasant taste, honey has many beneficial properties for our health, for example:

– Great antibiotic and natural antiseptic, improving the capacity of the immune system.

– Good antioxidant, due to the high content of phenolic acids and enzymes such as catalase and glucose oxidase.

– Prebiotic food, as it contains non-digestible ingredients that benefit the organism, through the growth and / or activity of certain intestinal microorganisms.

– It is a natural product which, for its antibacterial properties, works very well to relieve sore throat and as a natural expectorant.