Guided tours

As a part of our commitment to scientific divulgation and environmental education, we are proud to offer guided tours service through our hives: a great alternative of active tourism for small groups and a recreational and educational activity for schools.
Experience the thrill of getting inside a beehive in full performance. Under the protection of a beekeeper’s suit, feel the buzz of the bees, watch them inside their own hive, feel the fascination of seeing a young bee born, learn to differentiate the queen bee, the workers and the drones.
In short, let yourself be guided by an expert in beekeeping and immerse yourself in a world that is normally hidden from us. You will learn many things about the fascinating way of life of bees and how to contribute to their conservation.

Safety First

The safety of the visitors is totally guaranteed. Apinature provides protective suits and gloves, material, and our wide experience on safety within the surroundings of the apiary.

What does the tour include?

The visit begins with a talk about the habitat of the bees and the way of life of these social insects. Then visitors can see in full nature how are the hives, how the bee colony works, the different behavior of the queen bee, workers and drones, breeding combs, honey filled cells, pollen, etc. They will also have the opportunity to get to know the tools that the beekeeper uses and how he uses them.

We also offer different workshops related to the products of the hive so that visitors can learn from their own experience to take advantage of the resources offered by bees, including: making candles with natural wax, extraction of honey from the combs, tasting honeys, manufacture of cosmetics with products from the hive …

Contact us for more information and to know the prices of the visits.